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Lodge St. Bryde No. 579 was Chartered by The Grand Lodge of Scotland on 7th. February 1876.

We have continually met in Uddingston since that date and our Lodge has in its possession a complete minute which traces not only the history of the Lodge but importantly the history of our village and the surrounding area.

Our present Masonic Hall was built in 1924 and is one of the finest examples of a building of its type in Scotland.


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Refurbishment Update August 2021

During the Summer Recess and taking advantage of the fact the Covid restrictions were still in place, the Refurbishment Sub Committee agreed to push on with the agreed programme.

Work involved, the decoration of the foyer and corridors from the kitchen to the Lounge. New lights were fitted.

The Committee decided that the new carpet would be Davidson of Tulloch Tartan and this was laid in the above areas.

The new display cabinet was delivered and installed in the foyer.

In the Lounge the decoration had been completed earlier and the carpet was replaced throughout the Lounge with Davidson of Tulloch Tartan.

The chairs were removed and refurbished in colours matching the carpet and décor.

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