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Lodge St. Bryde No. 579 was Chartered by The Grand Lodge of Scotland on 7th. February 1876.

We have continually met in Uddingston since that date and our Lodge has in its possession a complete minute which traces not only the history of the Lodge but importantly the history of our village and the surrounding area.

Our present Masonic Hall was built in 1924 and is one of the finest examples of a building of its type in Scotland.


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Preston Memorial Service

Bro. Tom Lynch, RWM lead a Deputation of Brethren to the Memorial Service at  Endeavour Lodge, Preston.

This was the second time that our Brethren had made the journey south and they were warmly welcomed by the Endeavour Lodge Brethren.

Well done to all those who attended.

A unique occasion in the history of Lodge St. Bryde took place in Edinburgh on 26th. November when Bro. James L. Jack was Installed as Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies of The Grand Lodge of Scotland, congratulating him was R.W. Bro. Wayne Price a Member of Lodge St. Bryde and Grand Purveyor of The Grand Lodge of Virginia.

Lodge St. Bryde must be the only Lodge in Scotland with two Members in Grand Office at the same time in different Constitutions !!

Historic Occasion for 579

Bro. James L. Jack, congratulates M.W. Bro. James E. Litten, Grand Master of Virginia.

CUFFLINKS £10.00   |  TIE PINS £5  |  LAPEL BADGES £3.00

Installation of Office-bearers

28th November 2015

A large number of Brethren attended the Installation of  Bro. Stuart Jack, Right Worshipful Master Office-bearers on the 28th. November, 152 signed the book and over twenty formed the Deputation from Provincial Grand Lodge which was headed by Bro. Tom Davidson, Provincial Grand Master.

Included in the Deputation was Bro. Bob Law, Immediate Past District Grand Master of Central South Africa accompanied by Bro. Jim Kerr Depute District Grand Master.Bro. Wayne Price Grand Purveyor of The Grand Lodge of Virginia and Brethren from London, Birmingham, Nottingham and Blackpool as well as visitors from all over Scotland made it a special occasion.

Installing Masters Bro. James L. Jack, P.M. and Bro. Alex L. Hamilton, P.M. conducted an excellent ceremonial with a full complement of Office-bearers being installed.

A Special Token was given to every Brother who attended the Installation and the Brethren responded very positively to the Right Worshipful Masters call to make a donation to the Provincial Grand Master`s Charity Appeal  -  £461 was raised !

This will be added to our ongoing PGM Charity Fund Raiser which now stands at over £700.

The token has the 579 Lodge crest on one side and as our new RWM is an expert on Scottish history, the other is based on King Robert The Bruce`s marker at Melrose Abbey. This will certainly be a collectors item in years to come !  

Bro. James L. Jack , with W. Bro. Wayne E. Price, Grand Purveyor of The Grand Lodge of Virginia and Member of Lodge St. Bryde No. 579.

Visit to St. Thomas of Aberbrothock No. 40.

This was a historical visit to No. 40 by Bro. Stuart Jack, RWM and a large Deputation from Lodge St. Bryde No. 579. In 1945 Bro. James L. Jack, Senior (Stuart`s Grandfather) was Initiated into Lodge St. Enoch No. 1288 and was posed to Arbroath while serving with the Fleet Air Arm.

While there he received his F.C. and M.M. Degrees in No. 40. Not only was our RWM conferring a F.C. Degree in the Lodge were his Grandfather received his, but the 12th. of March was also his Grandfathers birthday !

The Regular Meeting of our Lodge on 23rd. March will be recorded in our history  for so many different reasons, but all of them very positive ! Firstly, a Deputation from The Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire Middle Ward headed by Bro. Tom Davidson PGM was admitted to carry out the Annual Report, followed by a Deputation from The Grand Lodge of Scotland, headed by RW Bro. Ramsay McGhee, Depute Grand Master and accompanied by RW Bros. Kenneth Kennedy, Past Depute Grand Master and George Kelly, Substitute Grand Master. The Deputation also included Bro. James L. Jack, Assist. Grand D. of C., Alex Hamilton , Board of Grand Stewards and Andrew McAlpine, Hon. Grand Assist. Secretary and Ronnie McCarney, Hon. Grand Tyler all members of 579.

It was the first time that Grand Lodge had attended our Lodge since the Centenary in 1976.  Bro. Boyd Tunnock was     presented with a Diamond Jubilee Certificate to mark his 60 years as a member of our Lodge. There then followed a F.C. Degree which can only be described a excellent ! The Degree workers even surpassing previous high standards.

The Provincial Report was very positive and complemented the Lodge Members on the manner in which Lodge affairs were dealt with and how the finances were administered. Bro. Ramsay McGhee was asked by the RWM to comment on the evenings proceedings, warmly thanked the Brethren for the Grand Lodge reception and expressed his delight at the evenings proceedings. He highlighted excellent the work that Bro. John McLean our Lodge Almoner was carrying out on behalf of the Lodge. He also presented the Lodge with an Autograph Book which contained the signatures of his Grandfathers Board of Installed Masters in 1934. At the conclusion of the meeting everyone retired to a harmony of Tunnocks pies and carmel wafers ! What else !!

David Johnston RWM 1229 presents Duncan Mulholland with Hon. Membership

Installation of Office-bearers

26th November 2016

The Installation was  conducted by Bro. Alex Hamilton, P.M. and Bro. Tom Lynch, P.M. Bro. Alex Hamilton Installed Bro. Bryce Morrison as Right Worshipful Master and Bro. Tom Lynch Installed the Office-bearers


It was Tom`s first attempt at an Installation and the hours spent in rehearsals and preparation certainly paid off as both Installing Masters presented an excellent Ceremonial.


Bro. Angus Ross, S.P.G.M. headed the strong Provincial Grand Lodge Deputation which included Bro. William Perry, P.G.M.

A large number of Brethren were present from Lodges throughout Scotland and from our Sister Lodges in Birmingham and Blackpool.        

WW1 Memorial Dedication Service

9th. Nov. 2016

A large Deputation from Grand Lodge headed by Bro. Ramsay McGhee, Depute Grand Master and including Bro. Kenneth D. Kennedy, Past Depute Grand Master and Bro. George R. Kelly, Substitute Grand Master attended the Regular Meeting of our Lodge on 9th November 2016.

In the Grand Lodge Deputation were the Lodge St. Bryde Members, James L. Jack, Assistant Grand D.of C., Alex Hamilton, Board of Grand Stewards, Andrew McAlpine, Hon. Assistant Grand Secretary and Ronald McCarney, Hon. Grand Tyler.  

The meeting was furthered honoured by the presence of a very large Deputation from Provincial Grand Lodge headed by Immediate Past Provincial Grand Master, Bro. Tom Davidson and including 579 Members Bro. James Vasey, P.G. Junior Chaplain and Bro. Robert Edgar, P.G. Committee.

An excellent Dedication Service was conducted by Bro. Rev.Peter Price, Past Grand Chaplain assisted by Bro. Stuart Jack, R.W.M. , Bro. Tom Davidson, I.P.P.G.M., Bro. James Fergusson, P.G. Senior Chaplain, Bro. James Vasey, P.G. Junior Chaplain.

A very thought provoking and at times emotional Service will never be forgotten by the 116 Brethren that attended the Service, the Right Worshipful Master invited Bro. James L. Jack, P.M. to unveil the plaque and this was done with the assistance of Bro. Ramsay McGhee.

The collection at the meeting which amounted to £448 and was augmented to £500 and was presented to Bro. David Johnston, RWM of Lodge Bothwell Brig No. 1229. Bro. Johnston is actively involved with Personnel Recovery Centre Welfare Fund an organisation dedicated to the re-habilitation of ex-servicemen.

Bro. Norman Telfer, DSM presented Bro. Ramsay McGhee with a cheque for £850 which was the total raised from the Sponsored Walk.

The cheque will be donated to Prostate Scotland.

The whole Service was recorded by Bro. Charles Winston of the Grand Lodge Information and Communication Committee who were keen to have the Service recorded for the Grand Lodge archive.

Our Lodge can be proud that a fitting Memorial received a Dedication fitting the sacrifice that our Members gave for their country

Bro. Rev. Peter Price with Bros. Stuart Jack RWM, Andrew Jack, D.M. & James L. Jack, P.M. 579

Bro. Rev. Peter Price and the Grand Lodge Deputation.

War Memorial in position on North Wall

Bro. Stuart Jack, RWM and Bro. Ramsay McGhee, Depute Grand Master

Download Memorial Service

579 Office bearers 2016 2017

RWM with Installing Masters Alex Hamilton and Tom Lynch

579 Brethren at Festival of St. Andrew 2016

Bryce W. Morrison RWM 2017

Installation of Office-bearers

25th November 2017

The Installation of Office-bearers on 25th. November 2017 was well supported with 164 Brethren signing the book.

97 in the Installing Board !

Bro. Bill Perry, PGM attended with Bro. Philip Marshal, PGM of Nottinghamshire and Bro. James Kerr, DGM of Central South Africa.  

Installing Masters were Bro. James Vasey, P.M. and Bro. David Shaw, P.M. conducted a fantastic ceremonial which was well received by the attending brethren.       

579 Office bearers 2017 2018

Lodge St. Bryde No. 579 Installation 2017.

RW Bro. James L. Jack, PPGM, RW Bro. Philip Marshal, PGM Nottinghamshire, RW Bro. Alex Kelly, SPGM, Bro. Duncan Mulholland RWM 579, RW Bro. James Kerr, DGM Central South Africa, RW Bro. Bill Perry, PGM

Duncan Mulholland RWM 2018


Lodge St. Bryde No. 579 Installation 2017

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