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Lodge St. Bryde No. 579 was Chartered by The Grand Lodge of Scotland on 7th. February 1876.

We have continually met in Uddingston since that date and our Lodge has in its possession a complete minute which traces not only the history of the Lodge but importantly the history of our village and the surrounding area.

Our present Masonic Hall was built in 1924 and is one of the finest examples of a building of its type in Scotland.


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Expectations of Lodge Office Bearers

Expectations of Lodge Office Bearers

All Office Bearers take an Obligation at the Installation to carry out the duties of their office "faithfully, zealously and conscientiously", and to "support the Master in his various duties". This support takes two forms - Masonic and Social.





Lodge St. Bryde No. 579

  Expectations of Lodge Office Bearers


  Specific Responsibilities

Specific Responsibilities:

A number of the Lodge Offices have specific duties assigned to them, either as a normal part of the duties of that office, or by custom within Lodge St. Bryde No. 579. These are outlined below.

Senior Warden: put away the furniture after Lodge meetings and ensure the Charter is locked away in the safe in the Stock Room.

Junior Warden: take names and organise bus (if appropriate) for Deputations to other

Lodges; organise Lodge harmonies (the Installation harmony is still introduced by the WJW, who gives a vote of thanks at the end).

Depute Master: attend to the three lesser lights at the opening and closing of the Lodge, and when the Lodge is passed, raised or reduced.

Substitute Master: either he or the Depute Master to attend to the top table refreshments after Lodge meetings (except for the Installation); record details of hospitality to visitors in the bar diary as the cost of this is borne by the Lodge; keep a separate record of top table refreshments ordered by Lodge members, and collect the money to pay for these.

Director of Ceremonies: ensure meetings start promptly; present Deputations into the Lodge; ensure everything that is needed for the Ceremonial is to hand (e.g. Candidate's  apron, tracing board, working tools, Mark tokens, etc.); at Annual Divine Service ensure Brethren are properly lined up prior to procession into the Church.

Senior Deacon: organise bar rota for meeting nights (omit senior Office Bearers and Past Masters on deputation nights, as they will be looking after our visitors). Man the rods.

Junior Deacon: make sure you know the SD office thoroughly - you will have to do it at least once a year, and you never know when the SD might call off at short notice! Man the rods.

Inner Guard: on the evenings of official visitations into the Lodge, make sure you know the name and number of the Lodge and the name and designation of the Brother heading the deputation (e.g. RWM, IPM, SPGM). Collect the retiring collection at the end of meeting.

Chaplain: opening and closing prayers, plus prayers and Scripture readings during the Ceremonials; say grace before the meal at the Installation ; and do one of the Scripture readings at the Annual Divine Service.

Bible Bearer: Carry the Bible in and out of Lodge; adjust the square and compasses as appropriate; arrange for someone to switch main lights of and on as appropriate during degrees (be sure and check how the visiting Lodge wants it done on deputation  nights).

Jeweller: collect the jewels from Office Bearers after the last meeting in November and ensure they are cleaned-up for the Installation.

Stewards: Attend to catering needs at harmonies and clear up afterwards.


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